Digital Social Impact Course Configurator

In this section of our configurator, we highlight activities and digital tools which you and other HEI educators can use to use in the delivery of your digital social impact learning courses and activities with your students. In this section, we are particularly mindful of the various delivery modes we now have for delivering our online HEI courses and lessons – face-to-face, web-enhanced/hybrid courses and online courses. 

Key considerations in Digital Social Impact Course Delivery

Our Digital Social Impact Best Practice Audit is the theoretical and emperical backbone of our Digital Configurator. The  content of the audit report was derived from academics in European HEIs with insights and experience in digital teaching formats which aim to create societal impact. Click below to uncover some of the best practices and barriers when delivering digital social impact courses.

  • for content taught online, Polasek and Javorcik (2019) suggest processing teaching material in small separate units of five to seven minutes due to the retentiveness of the students
  • the teaching style has a high impact on the project’s success
  • students’ motivation is a crucial success factor, students should have the commitment and right attitude
  • issuing a certificate for successful participation can increase students’ motivation (Bingol et al., 2020)
  • regular feedback loops from the instructor and the community partner influence the overall success because the stakeholders can thus contribute to and shape the project.
  • continuous communication between all stakeholders and adherence to the communication agreement are especially critical during the course delivery
  • diverse student group with different backgrounds could be leveraged for the overall success (Brundiers et al., 2010)
  • lack of sufficient technical knowledge and relevant soft skills amongst students represents the leading cause of project failure (Lewis, 2014)

Insights from other educators and students

The students gain a tremendous sense of self confidence by being guided and challenged to do things differently.


Activities, Lessons, Resources and Topics

Below you can find some tried and tested activities, lessons, resources and topics to assist you in delivering your first or next Digital Social Impact course. Use the fiters to find the ones you are most interested in. Click to learn more and choose to add your favourites to your Digital Social Impact Course Configurator tool. 


Digital Tools

Below you can find some of digital tools that can assist you with this stage of your digital social impact course design. As before, you can click to learn more about the tool and can add your favourites to your digital social impact course blueprint. There are many tools available: these are just some of the tools you can use and you should try as many as you can. There is no advertising affiliation between our project and any of the services and products listed.

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