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Gather is a video chat platform designed to make virtual interactions more human, engaging and fun! Gather.Town is a web-conferencing software like Zoom, but with the added component of seeing the virtual “room” you and others are occupying, and with the ability to move around and interact with other participants based on your locations in the room, just like real life. Users easily start and end side conversations and chats, or return to a main speaker just as at a real-world conference or other gathering. Rather than being moved to a Zoom breakout room, in Gather, you can simply walk your online-self to tables and chairs, sit down, and start a conversation.

Gather has some pre-built virtual environments targeted at educators – there is a pre-built classroom setting, a generic campus setting, a dorm, a quad, a lab.  There are also virtual representations of the MIT and Carnegie Mellon campuses, specifically, or you can create your own. Within your environment, Gather allows you to add virtual components and tools to your virtual space, such as a whiteboard, a podium, or a specific video stream, to fully mimic a classroom or conference setting.