Best Practice Audit

This ‘Best Practice Audit’ of digital teaching formats has researched and mapped current best practices amongst European HE lecturers and their work to create societal impact via digital teaching formats. This audit is split into two main parts.

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In part 1, we show our findings from desk and field research, listing insights into drivers and barriers while creating and implementing learning offerings that generate social impact


To give interested readers a good point of reference, in part 2, we list 20 best practice cases identified by the project consortium during the three stages of research

Case Study Publications

Marketing Projects in Münster

Professional Center Organizing Service-Learning

ECTS for Civic Engagement

Key Competencies-oriented Service Learning

Psychoanalysis & Digital Worlds

International PR Impact Award Nominee

Statistical Methods in Market Research Course

Pop-Up Socially Innovative Rural Hubs in Croatia

Entrepreneurship of NGO's

Social Aspects of (Digital) Technology

Dokkica - Good Practice of Involving Young People

Social Impact Award Croatia

Education for Children

Language Courses for High School Students

Digital Tools in Social Sciences and Humanities

Introduction to Data Mining

Solving the Youth Unemployment

Inspiring Future Societal Solutions via an Online Community of Practice

Connecting Two Cities, The Protal Project

Moving the Cities

Service-learning and social impact teaching experts and practitioners from around Europe provided insights into this report via a survey and interviews conducted by all project partners. The DSI project consortium is grateful for the valuable input and insights provided by the interviewees.

The Digital Social Impact (DSI) Best Practice Audit report was prepared by the Science to Business Marketing Research Centre of Münster University of Applied Sciences. Comments and input were received from the project representatives at the University of Ljubljana, Institute for Innovation and Development of the University of Ljubljana, J.J. Strossmayer University of Osijek and Momentum Marketing Services.