Mind Maps

Mind maps are used to harness the input and thoughts inspired by a theme and to visualize their relationships.

Best used for


Time to introduce this activity in lecture / Time to run this activity

15 min / 30 min – 1 h

In the context of Digital Social Impact courses and learning activities

Mind maps can help to cluster and organize ideas which can be a good way in social impact projects to keep an overview of all the various aspects that might impact the project.

Main Target Group


Potential tools for digitising this activity

Coogle, Miro, Mural, Padlet.

Step by Step

1 Students start by writing the topic/central question in a circle in the middle of the paper or their centre of their online board.

2 In relation to this central topic, the students draw and write input, symbols and key words, which are connected with lines to the topic in the circle. With the help of lines and other markings, new connections may emerge as the activity proceeds.

3 Thereafter, general themes and ideas for solutions may be suggested.