Backbiting offers an opportunity to listen to other people discuss your project challenge to get new perspectives and ideas.

Best used for

Ideation and validation.

In the context of Digital Social Impact courses and learning activities

Getting new insights into the challenge from different perspectives can help the students get another take and feeling for their project

Main Target Group


Potential tools for digitising this activity

Could be down via an online call/breakout rooms

Step by Step

1 The participants are divided into groups of 3. Each participant sits on a chair facing the other two group members.

2 One of the participants explains their project challenge and then turns their back to the other two. These two participants then discuss the problem openly, drawing from their own experiences, while the participant with the project challenge listens without commenting.


3 After approximately 10 minutes, the participant with the project challenge turns around and states, “Thanks for your input”. Thereafter, the process continues with the next participant until all three have received input.