Golden Circle

According to Simon Sinek, successful companies and initiatives use a customers/beneficiaries’ focused approach which is driven by three questions that make up the Golden circle: the WHY, the HOW and the WHAT.

Best used for

Specification of project goals.

In the context of Digital Social Impact courses and learning activities

The Golden Circle activity can help the student group understand what the reason for the project is, in order to derive an approach and then an idea on how to solve the issue.

Main Target Group


Potential tools for digitising this activity

MS Teams or similar could be used to create a collaborative team environment for this exercise

Step by Step

1 Starting with the WHY. WHY: this boils down to the motivation behind the social issue. Why does something need to be done? Why should the student group become passionate about this purpose, cause or belief?

It is crucial that the student group take ownership over their own individual and collective “whys”. 

2 WHAT: this is the solution or product/service that the student group can offer, or what a particular team member does. The ‘what’ defines their plans, strategies and ideas for execution. 

3 Next comes the ‘how’ that explains the way we can help or inspire others. For an individual or student group, it shows what steps they need to take to arrive at their results or reach their goals. This is the action stage where they are executing their plan.