Competence Sun

The method Competence Sun allows you, in a simple and creative way, to discover characteristics and competences of another person, commonalities and differences in the group and thereby to strengthen the ability to work in a team.

Best used for

Team building and increasing awareness of mutual competencies

In the context of Digital Social Impact courses and learning activities

Social Impact projects are often done in groups and multi-discipline teams. The competence sun activity is useful to help mixed student groups to get to know and value each other.

Main Target Group

Lecturers and Students

Potential tools for digitising this activity

The competence sun can be applied both digitally using an online whiteboard, e.g. Miro, and presential using a large sheet of paper or a whiteboard.

Step by Step

1 Draw wide rays of sunlight on a piece of paper/whiteboard according to the number of participants.

2 Each person is now assigned a sunray and collects at least ten characteristics (e.g. competencies, resources, skills, interests) about themselves. These points are written down on a sticky note and stuck on the corresponding sunray.

3 The first person now begins to present his or her characteristics. If characteristics are mentioned that also apply to another person, that person shares that directly. Questions can be asked at any time.


4 Collect the qualities that you all have in common in the center of the sun. All other traits are placed in that person’s sun ray. The characteristics that only some people share are noted with their names or with colored dots.


5 Finally, find a common group name for the competencies you have gathered (e.g. the travelers or the networked). In addition, you have the possibility to creatively design the competence sun according to your group name. You now have a good overview of the existing competencies in the group.