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A digital tool which enables HEI educators to design a tailored Digital Social Impact course, project or lesson How does it work? The team here at Digital Social Impact have curated a list of suggested teaching approaches, activities, tools and topics which can be used with HEI students to teach and incite student action towards positive social impact.

Our suggestion is to go through these phases chronologically. Review the various activities and tools as you go, when you see one you like, hit the add to pdf button to add it to your personal course creator pdf. You will find the pdf generator icons on towards the bottom right of our course configurator pages.

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At the end of the process, you will end up with a ready to download and use pdf blueprint of your personal digital social impact course activities and tools.

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The teaching approaches, activities, tools and topics are categorised across three key course development phases – Design, Delivery and Reflection.


Step 1: Design

In this section of our configurator, we highlight activities and digital tools which you and other HEI educators can use to start designing and planning social impact learning courses and activities for your students.

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Step 2: Deliver

In this section, we have curated some of the most useful activities, topics and tools for social impact learning across the main HEI course delivery methods: face-to-face, web-enhanced/hybrid or fully online courses.

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Step 3: Reflect

Reflecive pratice is a critical part of your teaching profession.  In this section of our configurator, we include a special focus on activities and tools which you and your students  can use to measure your social impact.

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