Here, there, everywhere

Here, There, Everywhere emerged so that workshop participants might detail – sometimes in front of the room, sometimes just to themselves – how they will change their behaviour in the future.

Best used for

Sustained social impact, student reflection

In the context of Digital Social Impact courses and learning activities

The reflection phase is a time for making decisions and commitments as a team, or identifying next steps and action items. It also provides an opportunity to reflect on what just happened and find meaning in personal development.

Main Target Group

Students, individually or in groups.

Potential tools for digitising this activity

Yes the Here, There, Everywhere columns could be recreated as a collaborative or individual exercise on Mural, Miro or Padlet etc.

Step by Step

1 Begin by telling your particpiants you’re going to take a moment to reflect and crystalize a learning from the material you just covered.

2 Ask them to take a moment to go back and review whatever that material is, so that the content is once again fresh.

3 After the review, have each participant then capture the following, one per post-it note:

    1. Here something in our time together that caught your attention, piqued your curiosity or, at the very least, you noticed. It might be a game, a comment from a fellow participant, a concept, a visual framework, etc… 
    2. There how you might take that specific example and implement it at work or in your personal life. Bring in as much detail as you can to make for easy implementation; imagine your future self doing it and the outcome it generates.
    3. Everywhere would be a generalized interpretation of this thing that would allow for more universal application – an underlying principle absent context

4 Optional: Break participants into small groups to discuss their reflections. After the breakout, ask the group to share their reflections.