You can do it, too!

As a preliminary summary of our interviews on social impact learning experiences, we can definitely say, that you can do it, too!

Speaking to a wide variety of different lecturers, coordinators, and further experts on creating and implementing learning experiences that create social impact, it has become clear to us, that there is no field, where it is impossible to link some course content to civic engagement. From architects designing new social spaces, IT students developing apps to link people in need with people who want to help, to business students creating fundraising campaigns for nonprofit organizations. Where there is motivation and curiosity in the teaching staff, there is usually a partner looking for help and students willing to provide it. The positive feedback from all involved parties, students, lecturers and social, underlines the relevance on the one side and also effectiveness in learning highly relevant skills on the other.

Be sure to check out our report, summarizing the best practices in developing and then implementing different variants of social impact learning experiences.

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